How Board Portal Technology Enables Boards to Work Smarter

Board portal technology helps boards to function more efficiently by enhancing governance processes for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Highly regulated businesses, such as insurance and healthcare firms, use board portal solutions to help them meet the regulatory requirements while remaining focused on business development. Small business boards and other types of boards can also benefit from an efficient and smooth board meeting processes. This can lead to better governance and a more productive company.

Utilizing a board management tool reduces the need for physical meetings, making for significant cost savings. Additionally, a top-quality board portal can provide advanced tools for collaborating on the preparation of meetings which results in time savings and improved efficiency of meetings.

The best board portals provide the board with a central repository for documents, with the ability to track the progress of actions items and allow board members to comment and discuss topics digitally. Discussions on board topics in the portal keeps sensitive information from personal email accounts where it can be easily discovered or lost, and mitigates the risks of accidental sharing of confidential materials for board members.

Everyone involved should be engaged and committed to the implementation of a new portal. To ensure a successful implementation, ensure that there are at least one or more «board portal ambassadors» within your company who can help to communicate the benefits to everyone else in the organization and provide training. The first step is to identify these individuals and schedule training sessions prior the first meeting.