How to Accelerate Communication With Stakeholders

Improve Communication with Stakeholders

In an increasingly fast-paced world it is crucial to communicate with stakeholders swiftly and effectively. Whether it is announcing new milestones in the project, releasing progress updates, or seeking their input and feedback communicating with stakeholders at the right time, and through the appropriate channel can help to minimize confusion, increase engagement and facilitate speedy resolution of issues.

The process starts by the identification of your stakeholders and understanding their individual needs and desires. You can accomplish this by conducting surveys as well as attending stakeholder gatherings, watching conference calls, or observing conversations on social media. This information will allow you to determine the frequency at which you communicate with each stakeholder group, what information they require and in the format they prefer to receive it in.

Once these goals are set, it is crucial to develop a plan of communication for stakeholders that addresses them. The stakeholder matrix can be a useful tool for this. It can help you rank stakeholders based on their interest and level of influence, and will enable you to jot down the type of communication they require. This could include a series of copy and design reviews, daily weekly, monthly, or daily status reports group video calls or even more.

Some stakeholders might also prefer certain types or communications, including face-toface meetings, emails, and online meetings. Knowing what kind of communication a stakeholder prefers will ensure that they receive relevant information that they can easily process.

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