How to Choose a Digital Data Room

When it comes to high-stakes strategic transactions such as M&A the use of a digital data room (also called VDR or a virtual data room VDR) is crucial. It can facilitate the due diligence process and negotiation while protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access. A good VDR software solution is easy to use, promote collaboration, and allow for effective due diligence. In addition it must be extremely secured — a breach of the security of documents can cause problems and put thousands of, if not millions of personal information at risk.

Security is improved by the use of a VDR that provides granular access rights for users. This prevents downloading, editing, copying, or printing. Robust encryption in transit and in rest assures that even if hackers manage to steal or intercept files, they are useless. Watermarks that are customizable discourage users from sharing or taking files that are not theirs. Other security features to consider include two-factor authentication that can reduce the theft of passwords as well as remote shred, which allows administrators to deny access to any documents that have already been downloaded from the private virtual data room.

Like any other technology selecting a digital data room requires research and evaluation. Beware of VDR providers who spend more money on drinks, gifts, and other perks. It is also essential to know what functions you may require from your VDR and then eliminate options which do not meet your requirements. Additionally, you should consider whether the provider has flat rate pricing available for larger projects. This can help to avoid unexpected cost overages and make budgeting simpler.